Barnaud Limousin began operation in 1987 with the purchase of our first purebred Limousin cattle. We selected the Limousin breed because of their muscle, hardiness, calving ease, feed efficiency, maternal and carcass qualities. At Barnaud Limousin, we are dedicated to offering producers heavy muscled purebred and fullblood cattle that are as true to the traditional Limousin breed characteristics as possible.

Our breeding program incorporates the top fullblood and purebred Limousin genetics from the United States, France and Canada. By expanding our genetic horizons, we are able to offer outcross bloodlines to commercial cattlemen and purebred Limousin breeders. This focus and vision has helped us to develop Limousin cattle that are heavily muscled but, that still possess calving ease, docility, fertility and excellent maternal traits.

At Barnaud Limousin producers will find traditional Limousin cattle that they can count on to bring muscle, performance and profit to their program.



Tim and Teresa Barnaud