HERD SIRE VIGS 019Z (Red, Scurred)

VIGS 019Z is a CHTT Work Time son that we purchased from Vig Limousin to add performance, muscle and depth to our herd without sacrificing muscle.


VIGS 023Z is currently being used on heifers in our herd.

RICHMAND XANDER SRD 22X (Red, Homozygous Polled)

We purchased Xander from Glenn Treftz after witnessing the incredible performance and muscle that he transmitted to his calves. His daughter's possess the depth, muscle and milking ability that we demand in our cows. We look forward to getting our first calf crop out of this powerhouse herd sire this spring.


Zero Tolerance is a Richmond Xander SRD 22X son that we purchased from Glenn Treftz in 2013. His first set of calves showed the explosiveness and muscle that we expected out of this young herd sire. We look forward to getting more calves out of him in 2015.

VIGS 032X (Black, Homozygous Polled)

VIGS 032X is an outcross sire raised by Vig Limousin. His calves are heavy muscled, easy fleshing and high performing. VIGS 032X is sound, dog gentle and has the Limousin muscling that we require in our herd sires.